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How to genotype hundreds of trees in a blink of an eye?

Dr Tanja Pyhäjärvi , University of Oulu, Finland

All breeding is based on genetic
differences among […]

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1st B4EST annual meeting

B4EST partners gathered in Edinburgh from 21-23 May for the first Annual Meeting. The meeting […]

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Making the management of genetic diversity in forest tree breeding efficient, flexible and fast

The use of genomic information for tree selection has the potential to identify more accurately […]

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What plant materials should we use and how should they be managed to provide Europe with healthy and productive forests in a future climate?

The Ålbrunna Norway spruce seed orchard. Currently the main provider of improved plant material in […]

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Investigating how tree characteristics interact to help us produce ‘good’ trees in a changing environment.

Although in tree biology we often study single characteristics or ‘traits’, we know that in […]

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Assessing the biological and climatic factors affecting the productivity and resilience of trees.

B4EST began in May 2018, and is a Horizon2020 EU funded project led by Dr […]

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