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B4EST is an EU-funded H2020 project which focuses on adaptive breeding for productive, sustainable and resilient forests under climate change.

In this issue we bring you up to date with project progress, and offer some highlights from our blog over the last year. Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter (@B4EST_EU) for regular updates!

Enhancing the value of productive tree species in Europe: new tool ‘4TREE’ to help tree breeders select trees with desirable characteristics.
Climate Matching Tool to help forestry practitioners understand future climate conditions for forests in Europe.
What will tomorrow’s tree breeding sector look like? An economic analysis
Identifying eucalypts with increased tolerance to biological and climate threats
Downscaling climate data for the scientific community: the B4EST R Shiny web app
Planter’s guide - new tool for choosing Scots pine plant material in Sweden and Finland
Survey results show positive perceptions of adaptive tree breeding
A greenhouse seed orchard to improve maritime pine seed production

The Planter’s Guide is a web-based decision support tool for improved Scots pine forest reproductive material (FRM) in Sweden and Finland. Watch our webinar with Mats Berlin, Skogforsk, to learn how the tool works!

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