Conference presentations

Session A, Accelerating breeding to cope with new challenges and uncertain future

Laurence Moreau (GQE-Le Moulon, INRAE; France)
Use of genomic selection to better manage and enrich genetic diversity in breeding programs. Application to maize.

Victor Papin (INRAE)
Reactions norms for maritime pine (pdf)

Mathieu Tiret (Uppsala University)
Implementation of group selection in forest tree breeding (pdf)

Geoffrey Haristoy (CIRAD, INRAE)
Genomic prediction in a multi-generation Eucalyptus globulus breeding population (pdf)

Giorgio Tumino (WUR)
In search for resistance to ash dieback disease in F. excelsior using GWAS and genomic prediction analyses (pdf)

Ricardo Alia (INIA, CSIC)
Genetic variation for resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses in breeding populations of European forest trees

Sanna Olsson (INIA, CSIC)
Utility of the 4TREE SNP array in clonal identification of Mediterranean stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) (pdf)

Chiara Biselli (CREA-VE)
Discovery of new sources of resistance against Woolly Poplar Aphid (Phloeomyzus passerinii L.) and integration of QTL mapping and genomic prediction to sustain poplar breeding (pdf)

Leopoldo Sánchez (INRAE)
eQTLs are key players in the integration of genomic and transcriptomic data for phenotype prediction (pdf)

Session B, Forest genetic resources (FGR) and adaptation to climate change

Tongli Wang (University of British Columbia; Canada)
Using forest genetic resources for climate change mitigation and adaptation

Zhi-Qhiang Chen (Umeå Plant Science Centre)
Effects of future climate change on Norway spruce adaptation and growth across Europe (pdf)

Katharina Liepe (Thuenen Institute of Forest Genetics)
High phenotypic plasticity, but low signals of local adaptation in a large-scale provenance trial of Norway spruce (pdf)

Octávio S. Paulo (cE3c)
Predict climate response and adaptation in Cork Oak using gradient forest (pdf)

Arne Steffenrem (NIBIO)
Estimation of phenotypic plasticity in Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Kars.) as the maternal reproductive environment alters adaptive performance (pdf)

Marta Callejas-Díaz (INIA-CSIC)
Response to selection in an aerial conifer seed bank (pdf)

Laura Guillardin (University of Oxford)
The genetics behind the Continuous Cover Forestry approach – do UK plantations hold enough genetic diversity to face environmental changes? (pdf)

Āris Jansons (Silava)
Heritable weather-growth relationships: case study of Scots pine provenances (pdf)

Annika Perry (CEH)
Why we should consider phenology as well as growth traits when developing predictive models in forest trees (pdf)

Session C: The forests we want: deployment of forest reproductive material (FRM) for forest-based solutions

Conceição Silva (UNAC, Forest Owner Association; Portugal)
FRM status in Portugal – What are the challenges for the main forestry sectors? 

Daniel Blanco-Ward (CIFOR)
Incorporation of origin and regions of provenance in the Forest Map of Spain (FME): a case study with Pinus pinaster and Taxus baccata (pdf)

Esteban Torres-Sánchez (Lourizán Forest Research Center)
Is it possible to select according to wood quality and growth in Pinus pinaster? Galician breeding population case study (pdf)

Toms Kondratovics (Silava)
Morphological and physiological responses of hybrid aspen (Populus tremula L. x P. tremuloides Michx.) in vitro cultures to different light intensities (pdf)

Pauls Zeltiņš (Silava)
Height growth models for young stands of genetically improved Scots pine and silver birch in Latvia (pdf)

Mats Berlin (Skogforsk)
Planter’s guide: progress and future challenges (pdf)

Session D: Science policy interface for mitigation, adaptation and risk management in forestry

Michele Bozzano (EUFORGEN, EFI; Barcelona, Spain)
The FGR Strategy For Europe: a policy document that provides the framework for enabling the transition to an effective FGR conservation and sustainable use in Europe

Anssi Ahtikoski (LUKE)
Case studies for the deployment of improved FRM in different regions of Europe: assessment of benefits, costs and risks (pdf)

Isabel Carrasquinho (INIAV, FAO)
Forest genetic resources conservation and breeding activities in Portugal (pdf)

Richard Whittet (Forest Research)
Opportunities to improve Scots pine in Scotland (and England) – B4EST Case Study (pdf)

Catherine Bastien (INRAE)
Transformative changes in Tree Breeding to
reinforce the contribution of European forest to adaptation and mitigation challenges