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MONDAY 20 June

08.45 Opening
09.00-12.30 Session A : Accelerating breeding to cope with new challenges and uncertain future

Keynote: Laurence Moreau (GQE-Le Moulon, INRAE; France)
Use of genomic selection to better manage and enrich genetic diversity in breeding programs. Application to maize.

12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-17.30 Session B: Forest genetic resources (FGR) and adaptation to climate change

Please note this video provides audio only for the first 2 hours

Keynote: Tongli Wang (University of British Columbia)
Using forest genetic resources for climate change mitigation and adaptation


09.00-12.30 Session C: The forests we want: deployment of forest reproductive material (FRM) for forest-based solutions

Keynote: Conceição Silva (UNAC, Forest Owner Association; Portugal)
FRM status in Portugal – What are the challenges for the main forestry sectors?

12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-17.30 Session D: Science policy interface for mitigation, adaptation and risk management in forestry

Keynote: Michele Bozzano (EUFORGEN, EFI; Barcelona, Spain)
The FGR Strategy For Europe: a policy document that provides the framework for enabling the transition to an effective FGR conservation and sustainable use in Europe


11.00-12.00 Presentation of open climate tools

Keynote: Duncan Ray (Forest Research) Download the pdf
Maurizio Marchi (CNR) Download the pdf

13.00-19.00 Field trip

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