Session C: The forests we want: deployment of forest reproductive material (FRM) for forest-based solutions

Chairs: Sven Mutke (CSIC, Spain), Marina de Miguel (INRAE, France)

Keynote: Conceição Silva (UNAC, Forest Owner Association; Portugal)

Brief description:

Forest and landscape restoration goals has significantly evolved from the first tree plantations for land reclamation, aiming to regulate and provide ecosystem services (erosion control, flood prevention, timber and biomass production), to the current prominence for transition pathways to bioeconomy and multipurpose forest management (including non-wood forest products and cultural ecosystem services). Recently, these issues are gaining increased relevance with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, aiming at preventing, halting and reversing the degradation of ecosystems worldwide, and new European policy (e.g. the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030). One key question is whether to rely on forest reproductive material (FRM) from local seed sources, often seen as reservoirs of adaptive genetic diversity, or rather on genetic improved FRM (or exotic seed sources) that are the result of breeding programs and allow for the use of the best available plant resources for a given site, climate conditions and forest management goals – already accounting for expected major changes in local climates over this century (i.e. assisted migration). The ambition of this session is to support foresters with scientific evidence and decision support tools. Thus, we aim to learn about the role and the potential of FRM deployment in different European countries and forest types in a context of climatic and societal change.