Luberon2 is a simulation tool to combine silviculture and genetic composition of FRM scenarios and test innovative uses of improved FRM. It combines forest dynamics models, a quantitative genetics model, and disturbance regime models.

Choosing an appropriate FRM is not the only important genetic decision for adaptation. Plantation and natural regeneration systems are often considered as alternative management options but innovative management could combine both. Silviculture contributes to genetic improvement and conservation of genetic diversity through: demographic regulation of population size and life cycle; evolutionary regulation through stand structure (e.g selective competition, mating…); selection on specific management-oriented traits.

Demo-genetic modelling is an appropriate framework to assess the genetic impacts of silviculture in the short and long term, and explore different genetic diversity x silviculture x disturbance scenarios.

The current version of Luberon2 runs either for cedar (Cedrus atlantica) or for Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), other species choices are planned.

Using a graphical interactive environment or a script mode, it can be used with various levels of expertise for communication, teaching, training or research purposes.

User Manual & Installation Tutorial :

The model has been developed in the context of the Réseau Mixte et Technologique RMT AFORCE, project IGS, and B4EST.

Authors: Claire Godineau, Victor Fririon, Nicolas Beudez, François de Coligny, François Courbet, Gauthier Ligot, Sylvie Oddou-Muratorio, Leopoldo Sanchez, François Lefèvre.