Planter’s guide – new tool for choosing Scots pine plant material in Sweden and Finland

A new web-based tool developed with support from the B4EST project provides recommendations of the best available Scots pine seedlings from seed orchards in Sweden and Finland. It allows the user to select a planting site and compare plant material from both countries.

The tool builds on a new model framework developed in spring 2019, which allows Swedish and Finnish seed orchard crops to be ranked and compared on the same scale in either of the countries. This has now been implemented in a freely available web-based decision support tool (Planter’s Guide) which covers both countries in each language, and also as an English version.

The user can select an arbitrary planting site, either by clicking on a map or by providing coordinates. The tool then produces a list of seed orchards ranked according to a performance index, by growth or by survival. The deployment recommendations are climate adapted: the performance index is based on survival ability in the current climate, but simultaneously taking advantage of the improved growth conditions in the future climate.

Additional information about each seed orchard (e.g. ownership, clonal origin, establishment year, size) is available by selecting and clicking on it in the list. A map of the suitable deployment area for each seed orchard is shown, and the deployment maps for different seed orchards can be compared.

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Use the Planter’s Guide (EN)

Use the Planter’s Guide in Swedish (SE)

Use the Planter’s Guide in Finnish (FI)

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