Climate Matching tool

To help forest practitioners understand the anticipated future climate, we have developed a Climate Matching Tool (CMT) in B4EST, with additional support from the Forestry Commission.  The CMT is a web-application that can be used on a computer or mobile device to:

  • locate and assess where the projected climate of a selected location currently exists (find an analogue of the future climate) or,
  • find and locate in time and space where the climate of selected location will be in the future.

ClimateDT – Climate Downscaling tool

The Climate Downscaling Tool (ClimateDT) is a geo-web service aimed at downscaling a large number of climatic variables and indexes from multiple climatic scenarios on a 5km grid using a combination of CRU-TS for the historical climate (1901-now) and the UKCP18 dataset for future projections (current-2098).

The system combines spatial interpolation of climatic data and dynamic lapse rate adjustment to implement scale-free queries over Europe.

Planter’s guide

The Planter’s Guide is a web-based decision support tool for improved Scots pine forest reproductive material (FRM) in Sweden and Finland. By selecting a regeneration site, the Planter’s Guide ranks all available seed orchards according to their predicted areal production over a rotation. However, as both growth and survival ability are shown separately the user can use this information for a more detailed selection.