The Planter’s Guide: a benchmark for climate-adapted FRM deployment recommendations
10 December 2019

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwqYVy8PxeM

The Planter’s Guide is a web-based decision support tool for improved Scots pine forest reproductive material (FRM) in Sweden and Finland. By selecting a regeneration site, the Planter’s Guide ranks all available seed orchards according to their predicted areal production over a rotation. However, as both growth and survival ability are shown separately the user can use this information for a more detailed selection.

Introduction: Rach Colling, European Forest Institute
Presentation: Mats Berlin, Skogforsk
Live testing of the tool: Mats Berlin, Skogforsk

Download Mats’ presentation
Background paper: Scots pine transfer effect models for growth and survival in Sweden and Finland