Postdoctoral researcher vacancy

Postdoctoral researcher, Tandem Forest Value project FutureGenes

We are searching for a post doc researcher to work on Tandem Forest Value Project FutureGenes. It is a two-year position starting in December, 2018.

Tandem Forest Values is a bilateral (Finland-Sweden) research program within forestry and the forest products industry. FutureGenes project combines four teams: National Resources Institute Finland, Luke (prof. Katri Kärkkäinen) SLU (Prof. Harry Wu) UOulu (Dr. Tanja Pyhäjärvi) and Skogforsk (Dr. Mats Berlin) to study genetics of adaptation to climate and possibilities to mitigate the effects of climate change to forests via breeding and optimal seed deployment. In the project, we will analyse data on Scots pine and Norway spruce obtained in national projects on local adaptation and genomic selection, and in an ongoing H2020 project B4EST (Adaptive tree breeding strategies and tools for forest production systems resilient to climate change and natural disturbances).

We are searching for a post doc researcher to work with us e.g. in analyses of genetic variation, differentiation and genomic prediction (e.g., quantitative genetic and sequence variation analyses, genomic selection methods), and in defining optimal deployment models for future climates.

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Closing date: 9 November 2018

Image credits: Daiga Ellaby, Unsplash

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